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Academic Affairs

Provost MH 3310Salvador H. Ochoa(619) 594-6881MC 8010
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Resource Management- MH 3310vacant(619) 594-5166MC 8010
Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement- MH 3310KWilliam F. Eadie(Interim)(619) 594-6111MC 8010
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Enrollment Management -  SSW 1520ASandra Temores-Valdez (Interim)(619) 594-3641MC 7455
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-International Programs - AL 173Alan Sweedler(619) 594-1354MC 5102
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs-Information Technology- MH 3309AEdgar Hodge(619) 594-0097MC 8010
Director, Academic Resources- MH 3310EMary Anne Kremicki(619) 594-1229MC 8010
Director, University Analytical Studies & Institutional Research Jeanne Stronach(619) 594-8712MC 8010
Executive Director, City Heights Educational CollaborativeTim Allen(619) 594-8317 
Senior Academic Technology Officer & Director, Instructional Technology Services- AH 1144AJames Frazee(619) 594-2893MC 8114

Auxiliary Organizations

Athletics- FAC 3013John David Wicker(619) 594-6357MC 4313
Associated Students- Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union 320Christina Brown(619) 594-6555MC 7804
Aztec Shops- EC 2nd FloorTodd Summer(619) 594-7539MC 1701
California Faculty Association- COMM 227Jane Rushall(619) 594-2775MC 8330
California State University Employees Union- COMM 122A (619) 594-3076MC 4528
San Diego State University Research FoundationMichele Goetz (619) 594-1862MC 1934
San Diego State Retirement Association- AD 225Pat Koppman(619) 594-4701MC 5000
University Senate- AD 221Marcie Bober-Michel(619) 594-5320MC 1621

Business and Financial Affairs

Senior Vice President, SDSU Mission Valley DevelopmentTom McCarron(619) 594-5631MC 1620
Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs & CFO- AD 320Agnes Wong Nickerson (Interim)(619) 594-5631MC 1620
Assistant Vice President of Business Operations- AD 320Eric Hansen(619) 594-5901MC 1620
Chief Technology Officervacant(619) 594-1899MC 1604
Chief Information Officer-AD 222Jerry Sheehan(619) 594-7477MC 1604
    Director, Business Information Systems- AD 231Cyndie Winrow(619) 594-0864MC 1619
    ITSO-Information and Technology Security Office- AD 222Michael Murashkovskiy(619) 594-1836MC 1604
    Director, ETS Infrastructure and Operations-EBA 128Kent McKelvey(619) 594-3245MC 7709
        Director, University Computing Services- AD 222BMichael Farley(619) 594-6906MC 1604
        Director, Enterprise Technology Client Services- LL 225Chris Clements(619) 594-3442MC 1620
        Manager, ETS Resource- EBA 129Sheryl Necochea(619) 594-7477MC 7709
        Manager, University Computing Services- EBA 103ETom Voss(619) 594-3300MC 7711
 Director, Facilities Services-FS 100 Mark Hunter (Interim) (619) 594-4967MC 1401
 Director, Business Services- BSS 200QJohnny Eaddy (Interim)(619) 594-2408MC 8500
Associate Vice President of Financial Operations-AD 224Crystal Little (Interim)(619) 594-4578MC 1620
    Director, Audit & Tax- AD 320Valerie Peterson(619) 594-3595MC 1620
    Director, Budget and Finance- AD 224CDana Smith (Interim)(619) 594-4593MC 1622
    Director, Contract and Procurement Management- AD 116Bruce Petrozza(619) 594-4723MC 1616
    University Controller- AD 111CBeth Warrem(619) 594-7985MC 1617
         Manager, Accounting Services-AD 115Dana McCoy(619) 594-4593MC 1617
         Manager, Financial Systems Management & Analysis- AD 111ABrent Coe(619) 594-2280MC 1615
         Manager, Student Account Services- SSW 2536T'Ante Sims(619) 594-4105MC 7425
         Manager, Financial Reporting- AD 115BMichael Welch(619) 594-2567MC 1617
         Manager, SDSUCard Office- SSW 2620DPaul Carlisle(619) 594-6800MC 7850
         Manager, Accounts Payable- AD 116Matt Frankos(619) 594-5289MC 1611
Associate Vice President of Real Estate, Planning & Development and University Architect- AD 320DBob Schulz(619) 594-6017MC 1620
   Director, Office of Housing Administration- OHACynthia Cervantes(619) 594-2941MC 1802
   Director, Construction- AD 130Jim Cleaton(619) 594-5524MC 1624
   Director, Facilities Planning and DesignLaura Shinn(619) 594-6619MC 1624
   Director, Project ManagementJeff Brown(619) 594-2629MC 1401
Associate Vice President of Administration-AD 320Jessica Rentto(619) 594-6018MC 1620
   Director, The Center for Human Resources- ESCW 4th FloorThom Harpole(619) 594-0469MC 1625
   Director, Office of Employee Relations and Compliance- AD 228   Heather Bendinelli(619) 594-8699MC 1695
   Chief of Police, University Police- UPD 207Josh Mays (619) 594-7851MC 4390
   Director, Business Enterprise- AD-320  Martin Munoz-Careaga(619) 594-1851MC 1620
   Director, Environmental Health & Safety- HT 58CGillian Marks(619) 594-2853MC 1243
Athletics DirectorJohn David Wicker(619) 594-6357MC 4313

College of Arts and Letters

Dean -AL 600Glen McClish (Interim)(619) 594-5456MC 6060
Arts and Letters Main LineLilia Ortiz(619) 594-5431MC 6060
Associate Dean- AL 613Madhavi McCall(619) 594-5179MC 6060
Associate Dean- AL 659Peter Atterton(619) 594-3007MC 6060
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs- AL 202Karey Sabol(619) 594-5158MC 6024
Director of Development- AL 600Janee Shaw(619) 594-1562MC 6060
Director, Resource Management- AL 600Elaine Rother(619) 594-6950MC 6060
Africana Studies- AL 373Adisa Alkebulan(619) 594-5174MC 6032
American Indian Studies- AL 331BDavid Kamper(619) 594-8081MC 6036
Anthropology Department- AL 448AFrederick Conway(619) 594-5643MC 6040
Chicana and Chicano Studies-AL 348Maria Ibarra(619) 594-0316MC 6034
Classics and Humanities-AL 662Risa Kohn(619) 594-5186MC 6064
Economics Department-NH 311Hisham Foad(619) 594-8495MC 4485
English and Comparative Literature Department-AL 226vacant(619) 594-5271MC 6020
European Studies Department- SH 224BAnne Donadey(619) 594-6491MC 7704
Geography Department- SH 310Fernando Bosco(619) 594-7187MC 4493
History Department - AL 588Andrew Wiese(619) 594-5262MC 6050
Linguistics & Asian/Middle Eastern Languages- SHW 214Betty Samraj(619) 594-5268MC 7727
Philosophy Department- AL 446Mark Wheeler(619) 594-6706MC 6044
Political Science Department- NH 110Farid Abdel-Nour(619) 594-6244MC 4427
Religious Studies Department- AL 662Risa Levitt(619) 594-5185MC 6062
Rhetoric & Writing Studies- SHW 148Glen McClish(619) 594-2204MC 4452
Sociology Department- NH 215Minjeong Kim(619) 594-5463MC 4423
Spanish & Portuguese Languages and Literature AL 134Alda Blanco(619) 594-6588MC 6010
Women's Studies- AL 346ADoreen Mattingly(619) 594-8033MC 6030
Programs and Research CentersDirector/Coordinator  
Center for Asian and|Pacific|Studies - AL|473Sandra Wawrytko(619) 594-5455MC 6042
Center for Arabic and Islamic Studies- AL 378Ahmet Kuru(619) 594-8643MC 4427
Center for Latin American Studies- AL 377Ramona Perez(619) 594-1104MC 6038
Confucius Institute- AL 172Lilly Cheng(619) 594-4791MC 6062
Eidemiller|Weather|Station,|Geography|Department-|SH|305Edward Aguado(619) 594-5930MC 4493
Fiction International (English Department) - AL 264Harold Jaffe(619) 594-5469MC 6020
Institute for the Regional Studies of the Californias- AL 377Paul Ganster(619) 594-5423MC 6039
Institute of Ethics and Public Affairs- AL 446Mark Wheeler(619) 594-6706MC 6044
International Business- AL 208John Putman(619) 594-1682MC 6022
International Business Education and Research, Center for -  (CIBER)(CBA/CAL)- SSE 3375Mark Ballam(619) 594-8599MC 8230
International Population Center- SH 308John Weeks(619) 594-8040MC 4402
International Security and Conflict Resolution (ISCOR) - NH 124Latha Varadarjan(619) 594-3255MC 4427
International Studies Education Project (ISTEP) - AL 542Elsie Begler(619) 594-2412MC 6014
Japan Studies Institute- EBA 334Yoshiko Higurashi(619) 594-1005MC 7728
Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) - SH211CMat Schulze(619) 594-0958MC 8305
Master|of Arts in|Liberal|Arts|&|Sciences||(MALAS) -|AL|273William Nericcio(619) 594-1524MC 6020
National|Center|for|the Study of Children's|Literature -|AL|278Joseph Thomas(619) 594-8430MC 6020
Poetry International- AL 262Ilya Kaminsky(619) 594-8427MC 6020
SDSU Press- AL 283Harry Polkinhorn(619) 594-6220MC 6020
Social Science Program- AL 588Carole Putko(619) 594-5304MC 6050
Social|Science|Research|Lab|(SSRL)|-|AL 374Cathy Cirina-Chiu(619) 594-1363MC 4575
South|Coastal|Information|Center -|AL 106Seth Mallios(619) 594-5682MC 5320

Fowler College of Business

Dean -SSE 3220Lance A Nail(619) 594-5259MC 8230
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs- SSE 3356ADavid Ely (619) 594-5259MC 8230
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs- EBA 448Kristie Dock (619) 594-6760MC 7748
Director of Graduate Programs- EBA 448ESteve Gill(619) 594-6273MC 8228
Director, Resource Management- SSE 3229Davette Kawachi(619) 594-1106MC 8230
Director, Undergraduate Programs- SSE 3204Gary Grudnitski(619) 594-6713MC 8221
Computer Technology Support- EBA 329John Owens(619) 594-3025MC 8230
Accountancy, School of- SSE 2411Damon M Fleming(619) 594-3735MC 8221
Finance Department- SSE 3314Kamal Haddad(619) 594-5311MC 8236
Management Information Systems- SSE 3439Bruce Reinig(619) 594-3032MC 8234
Management Department- SSE 3310Chamu Sundaramurthy(619) 594-4845MC 8238
Marketing Department- SSE 3128Heather Honea (619) 594-4308MC 8239
Programs and Research CentersDirector/Coordinator  
Aztec Consulting - SSE 3143John Francis(619) 594-3901MC 8238
Center for International Business Education & Research (CIBER)- SSE 3220Mark Ballam(619) 594-3947MC 8230
Lavin Entrepreneurship Center- GC 1502Alex DeNoble(619) 594-2781MC 1915
Executive and Specialized Programs, Executive MBA Program - EBA 312Patricia van Damme(619) 594-6010MC 8232
Executive and Specialized Programs, Sports Business Management- GC 1502EScott Minto(619) 594-6023MC 8232
Graduate Advising- EBA 448Nik Varaiya(619) 594-8073MC 8228
International Business Program (CAL/FCB)- AL 208John Putman(619) 594-1682MC 6022
Real Estate & Land Use Institute- SSE 3313Andrew Do(619) 594-5324MC 8236
The Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate - SSE 3428BMehdi Salehizadeh (Interim)(619) 594-4305MC 8236
Undergraduate Programs- EBA 448Gary Grudnitski(619) 594-5828MC 7748
Undergraduate Business Advising- EBA 448Kristie Dock (Interim)(619) 594-4188MC 8228

College of Education

Dean- EBA 346Y. Barry Chung(619) 594-1424MC 1154
Associate Dean- EBA 346Nadine Bezuk(619) 594-1370MC 1154
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs- EBA 346Patricia Lozada-Santone(619) 594-1426MC 1154
Assistant Dean for Special Projects- EBA 431Tanis Starck(619) 594-0546MC 1154
Budget and Analysis- EBA 346Julie White(619) 594-1457MC 1154
Operations and Support Services- EBA 346Elsa Tapia(619) 594-8996MC 1154
Dean's Office-EBA 346Alyssa Ancheta(619) 594-6091MC 1154
Office of Student Services- EBA 259Lisa McCully(619) 594-1427MC 1100
Administration, Rehabilitation & Post-Secondary Education -  EBA 246Caren Sax(619) 594-6115MC 1127
Child and Family Development Department- EBA 403ASarah Garrity (619) 594-0514MC 4502
Counseling & School Psychology Department- NE 179Brent Taylor(619) 594-6109MC 1179
Dual Language & English Learner Education- EBA 248BMargarita Machado-Casas(619) 594-2841MC 1152
Educational Leadership Department- NE 166Douglas Fisher(619) 594-4063MC 1190
Special Education Department- NE 70Laura Hall(619) 594-6665MC 1170
Teacher Education- EBA 255vacant(619) 594-1222MC 1153
Programs and Research CentersDirector/Coordinator  
Executive Director, City Heights Educational CollaborativeLilian Garcia(619) 594-8317MC 1154
Liberal Studies- EBA 255Sharon Bendall(619) 594-1136MC 1153
Math/Science Teacher Initiative- EBA 250Dr. Rafaela Santa Cruz / Alison Sternal(619) 594-5706MC 1105
Pathways Office- NE 280Dr. Cynthia Park / Erika Espinoza Araiza(619) 594-8626MC 1106
Pre-College Institue- DAC Suite 100Dr. Cynthia Park / Irina Khelbnikova(619) 594-2349MC 1106
SDSU/CGU Joint Doctoral Program in Education- EBA 250Dr. J. Luke Wood / Alison Sternal(619) 594-5706MC 1105

College of Engineering

Dean- E 203Eugene Olevsky (619) 594-6061MC 1326
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research- E 200CEugene Olevsky(619) 594-6061MC 1326
Associate Dean for Undergaduate Studies- E 200CVacant(619) 594-6061MC 1326
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs- E 200BTheresa Garcia(619) 594-5807MC 1326
Aerospace Engineering - E 310Ping Lu, Ph.D.(619) 594-2278MC 1308
Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering Department- ENG 424AJanusz Supernak (Interim)(619) 594-6378MC 1324
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department- ENG 426Chris Mi(619) 594-7013MC 1309
Mechanical Engineering Department- ENG 326John Abraham(619) 594-2450MC 1323
Programs and Research CentersDirector/Coordinator  
Bio Engineering Master's Program - E326Sam Kassegne(619) 594-1815MC 1323
Communications Systems & Signal Processing Institute- ENG 403LMadhu Gupta(619) 594-0290MC 1309
Concrete Research Institute- ENG 421JM. Ziad Bayasi(619) 594-7158MC 1324
Construction Engineering Program- ED 100GJanusz Supernak(619) 594-6072MC 1324
Engineering Outreach/Student Internships- ENG 200BTheresa Garcia(619) 594-5807MC 1326
Industrial Assessment Center- ENG 425A/BAsfaw Beyene(619) 594-7143MC 1323
Joint Doctoral Program in Engineering Science/Applied Mechanics-ENG 209Eugene Olevsky(619) 594-6079MC 1326
Mechanical Engineering Master's Program - E326John Abraham(619) 594-2450MC 1323
MESA Engineering Program-ENG 208ANatasha Celise-Forbes(619) 594-5679MC 1303
Project Lead The Way- ED 100AMichelle Bunn(619) 594-7942MC 1326
Troops to EngineersBrittany Field(619) 594-5849MC 7470

College of Extended Studies

Dean- GC 2503Radhika Seshan(619) 594-4062MC 1920
Associate Dean Program Administration- GC 2503AFrancesca Ringland(619) 594-6226MC 1920
Assistant Dean of Operations- GC 2503Daniel Waterman(619) 594-2514MC 1920
Director, International Program Development- ESC 201AWilliam Price(619) 594-0391MC 1920
Director, Marketing- GC 2503Jaclyn Kezirian (619) 594-0349MC 1920
Assistant Director, Marketing- GC 2504ALeslie Reilly(619) 594-0349MC 1920
Executive Director of Program Development & Administration- GC 2501ATamara McLeod(619) 594-5640MC 1925
Associate Dean of Finance & Operations - GC 2503Joe Wolfman(619) 594-7078MC 1920
Executive Director of Enrollment & Registration Services & Open University- GC 1539CCherie Bloodworth(619) 594-7116MC 1919
Program Director, Faculty-Led Study Travel Abroad- ESC 301EAdrienne Richart(619) 594-5154MC 7205
Program Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute- ESC 301HAimee Davis(619) 594-5674MC 7205
Military & Veterans Service Coordinator- SSW 1661LFatima Peyton(619) 594-3047MC 7205
Executive Director, American Language Institute- GC 1517Barbara Bass(619) 594-4144MC 1914
Director of IT- GC 2501KMeng Phuong(619) 594-8575MC 1920

College of Health & Human Services

Dean- ED 154Steven P Hooker(619) 594-6516MC 4124
Dean's Office Fax (619) 594-7103 
Associate Dean- ED 154DLarry Verity(619) 594-6516MC 4124
Associate Dean for Research- ED 154KMark B Reed(619) 594-6664MC 4124
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs- ED 154MJessica Robinson(619) 594-6151MC 4124
Development Officer- ESC 349Rebecca Williamson(619) 594-2868MC 8045
Exercise & Nutritional Sciences- ENS 351 AMatthew T Mahar(619) 594-5543MC 7251
Graduate School of Public Health- HT 119Hala Madanat(619) 594-3754MC 4162
Nursing, School of- HT 58Philip Greiner(619) 594-6504MC 4158
Social Work, School of- HH 119BMelinda Hohman(619) 594-6247MC 4119
Speech Language and Hearing Sciences- SLHS 223Tracy Love (Interim)(619) 594-7746MC 1518
Programs and Research CentersDirector/Coordinator  
Academy for Professional Excellence 6505 Alvarado Rd. Suite #107 San Diego CA 92120Jennifer Tucker-Tatlow(619) 594-3546MC 1394
Audiology Clinic- 5245 Campanile Dr #101Christine Kirsch(619) 594-4176MC 1518
Center for Alcohol & Drug Studies- HH 203Susan Woodruff(619) 594-3475MC 4119
Center for Behavioral Epidemiology and Community Health (CBEACH)-  9245 Sky Park Court Suite 230Mel Hovell(858) 505-4770MC 1394
Consensus Organizing Center- 4275 El Cajon Blvd. #102Jennifer Cosio(619) 594-3870MC 1938
Institute for Behavior and Community Health 9425 Sky Park Court, Suite 221 San Diego CA 92123-4311Guadalupe X. Ayala/Mariaelena Concha(619) 594-2395MC 1934
Institute for Public Health- 6505 Alvarado Road Suite 116, San Diego, CA 92120Suzanne Lindsay(619) 594-4409MC 1877
San Diego Prevention Research Center- 9245 Sky Park Court., #224John Elder(619) 594-2395MC 1394
Social Policy InstituteSteve Hornberger(619) 594-6508MC 4119
Speech Language Clinic- 5245 Campanile DR #101Charlotte Lopes(619) 594-8051MC 1518
Center on Aging - HH 119Anita Harbert and Jon Won Min46310, 46893MC 1872
SDSU Adaptive Fitness ClinicMatthew Soto(619) 594-2017 

College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Dean- PSFX Annex 100APeggy Shannon(619) 594-2419MC 4512
Acting Associate Dean- PSFX Annex 100 CKurt Lindemann(619) 594-1423MC 4512
Associate DeanDonna Conaty(619) 594-2419MC 4512
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs- PSFA 212DAlane Lockwood(619) 594-6928MC 4512
Director of Development- PSFA 212Mary Darling(619) 594-8299MC 4512
Resource Manager- PSFA 212EPam Groth(619) 594-4465MC 4512
College Communication Officer- PSFA 227Christianne Penunuri(619) 594-0125MC 4512
Aerospace Studies- ENS 385 Col G. John Grimm(619) 594-1123MC 7238
School of Art and Design- 505AAnnie Buckley(619) 594-6511MC 4805
Communication, School of- COMM 237Dr. Heather E Canary(619) 594-0895MC 4560
Journalism & Media Studies, School of- PSFA 361Bey-Ling Sha(619) 594-5450MC 4561
L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality & Tourism Management-PSFA 436BCarl Winston(619) 594-4964MC 4514
Military Science Department- ENS 451Scot Hogdon(619) 594-4943MC 7245
Music and Dance, School of- M 111DScott Lipscomb(619) 594-6037MC 7902
Naval Science Department- COMM 130William Ault(619) 594-3730MC 7241
Public Affairs, School of- PSFA 101DSherry Ryan(619) 594-4355MC 4505
Theatre, Television, and Film Department- DA 201vacant(619) 594-5091MC 7601
Programs and Research CentersDirector/Coordinator  
Arts Alive - COMM 124Dani Bedau(619) 594-1590MC 4512
Band (Marching Aztecs)- M 114BBryan Ransom(619) 594-1601MC 7902
Berman Institute- COMM 237Brian Spitzberg(619) 594-7097MC 4560
Center for Hospitality & Tourism Research- PSFA 430Jesse Dixon(619) 594-0584MC 4514
Center for Visual and Performaing Arts- A 505Tina Yapelli(619) 594-4941MC 4805
Community Council for Music in the Schools- M 204Carina Voly(619) 594-1699MC 7902
Community Music School- M 204Carina Voly(619) 594-1699MC 7902
Technical Director- DA 106Brian McVicker(619) 594-0196MC 7601
Institute for Built Environment & Comparative Urban Research (BECUR)- PSFA 111Lawrence Herzog(619) 594-6964MC 4505
Institute for Leisure Behavior- PSFA 451Gene Lamke(619) 594-5110MC 4514
Instutute for Public and Urban Affairs- PSF 100Sherry Ryan (619) 594-5037MC 4505
Production Center for Documentary & Drama- COM 124Timothy Powell619-820-7673MC 7601
Recreation & Tourism DepartmentCarl Winston(619) 594-4964MC 4514
Urban Studies- PSFA 121Roger Caves(619) 594-6472MC 4505
Center For The Study Of Women In Television & Film-LT 171BMartha Lauzen(619) 594-6301MC 7601

College of Sciences

Dean - GMCS 604Jeffrey Roberts(619) 594-5142MC 1010
Associate Dean for Academic & Faculty Affairs - GMCS 604hCathie Atkins(619) 594-5732MC 1010
Associate Dean for Resources - GMCS 604Tod Reeder(619) 594-0859MC 1010
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs- GMCS 321Estralita Martin(619) 594-1204MC 1016
Director of Advising - GMCS 604eEmilio Ulloa(619) 594-2569MC 1016
Director of Development - GMCS 604cStacy Carota(619) 594-2324MC 1016
Associate Director of Development, College of Sciences- GMCS-607Carolyn Wheeler(619) 594-2508MC 1010
Director Resource Management- GMCS 625Tony Carrasco(619) 594-2590MC 1010
Campus Veterinarian- LS 16Kent Osborn(619) 594-5421MC 4614
Director Computer Support Group- GMCS 111Chris Leong(619) 594-4881MC 1024
Diving Safety Officer- NLS 204Mike Anghera(805) 698-1004MC 1010
Astronomy Department- PA 210Allen Shafter(619) 594-6182MC 1221
Biology Department- NLS 314Robert Zeller(619) 594-6458MC 4614
Chemistry Department- GMCS 209William Tong(619) 594-5929MC 1030
Computational Science Research Center- GMCS 206Josť Castillo(619) 594-3430MC 1245
Computer Science- GMCS 413Leland Beck(619) 594-6191MC 7720
Geological Sciences Department- GMCS 227Allen Gontz(619) 594-2648MC 1020
Mathematics and Statistics- GMCS 413Michael E. O'Sullivan(619) 594-6191MC 7720
Physics Department- P 131Usha Sinha(619) 594-6240MC 1233
Psychology Department- LSN 110Paul Gilbert(619) 594-2892MC 4611
Programs and Research CentersDirector/Coordinator  
Donald P. Shiley BioScience Center (BSCI)Rick Sayen(619) 594-8975MC 4650
Donald P. Shiley BioScience Center (BSCI) - Lobbyvacant(619) 594-0536MC 4614
California State University Program for Education & Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB)- GMCS 609Susan Baxter(619) 594-2822MC 1011
Center for Biopharmaceutical & Biodevice Development (CBBD)/Regulatory Affairs- PS 101Rashmi Praba(619) 594-6030MC 4610
Center for Information Technology & Infrastructure (CITI) - CSL 120Eric Frost/Bob Welty(619) 594-5960MC 1020
Coastal & Marine Institute (CMI)- HT 3Todd Anderson(619) 594-2905MC 4162
Environmental Sciences Program- GMCS 237Allen Gontz(619) 594-2648MC1020
Oceanography- GMCS 237Allen Gontz(619) 594-2648MC1020
Field Station Programs (FSP)- PS 255Dave Lipson(619) 594-0580MC 4614
Immersive Visualization Center (Viz Center)- CSl 120Eric Frost/Bob Welty(619) 594-5960MC 1020
Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology- 6363 Alvarado #103Vanessa Malcame/Lynsey Miller48642/47113MC 1863
McNair Scholars- GMCS 322Veronica Bejar(619) 594-5337MC 1016
Molecular Biology Institute- LS 104Greg Harris(619) 594-5655MC 4614
Mount Laguna Observatory (Astronomy Department)- PA 210Paul Etzel(619) 473-3000/46182MC 1221
Health Professions Advising Office - GMCS 323Logan Watson(619) 594-3553MC 1017
Center for Research in Math and Science Educ., (CRMSE)- 6475 Alvarado #206Randy Philipp(619) 594-4453MC 1862
Student Support Services- GMCS 322 (619) 594-3493MC 1016

Division of Academic Engagement & Student Achievement

Dean- AD 101 (619) 594-3807MC 1623
Associate Dean- AD 101DStephen Schellenberg(619) 594-2729MC 1623
Assistant Dean- AD 101Michelle Lopez(619) 594-5842MC 1623
Associate Vice President- AD 101DNorah P Shultz(619) 594-4167MC 1623
Programs Director/Coordinator  
Center for Teaching and Learning- AD 201Brock Allen(619) 594-3157MC1623
College Readiness Programs- AD 201Jose Preciado(619) 594-2209MC 1623
Compact Scholars Programs- AD 101Janet Osterbye(619) 594-5841MC 1623
Faculty Staff Mentor Program- AD 201Jose Preciado(619) 594-2209MC 1623
GS 300/400 Internship Course- AD 101Bonnie Anderson(619) 594-5842MC 1623
Interdisciplinary Programs- AD 101Bonnie Anderson(619) 594-5842MC 1623
Liberal Studies Program- AD 103Phoebe Roeder(619) 594-4812MC 1623
People, Information and Communication Technology Program- AD 201Cathie Atkins(619) 594-2953MC 1623
Summer Reading Program- AD 201Maureen Kelley(619) 594-0419MC 1623
Thomas B. Day Freshman Success Program- D 101Maureen Kelley(619) 594-0419MC 1623
University Honors College- AD 201Stacy Sinclair(619) 594-2518MC 1623

Enrollment Services 

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs - Enrollment - SSW-1520ASandra Cook(619) 594-4766MC 7455
Senior Director - Enrollment - SSW 1520BSandra Temores-Valdez(619) 594-3641MC 7455
Director of Admissions- SSW 1520CSabrina Cortell(619) 594-0336MC 7455
Director of Advising and Evaluations - SSW 1551EChristine Molina(619) 594-1897MC 7416
Registrar- SSW 1641CStephanie Anderson(619) 594-3391MC 7453
Director, Enrollment Services Information Technology- EBA 117Brad Trusso(619) 594-5858MC 8075
Associate Director, Enrollment Services Technology- EBA 125Rick Schultz(619) 594-7904MC 8075

San Diego State University Imperial Valley 

Dean-IVCGregorio Ponce(760) 768-5520MC 0904
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs- IVCDonna Castaneda(760) 768-5615MC 0902
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs- IVCMiguel Rahiotis(760) 768-5598MC 0901
Business Services Director- IVCIrma Martinez(760) 768-5515MC 0906
Director of Development- IVCVacant MC 0906
Library Services Director- IVCVacant MC 0905

San Diego State University Imperial Valley (Brawley Campus)

Dean- IVCGregorio Ponce(760) 768-5520MC 0904
Campus CoordinatorGlen Allegranza(760) 768-5520MC 0904

Instructional Technology Services

Associate Vice President- AH 1144AJames Frazee(619) 594-2893MC 8114
Associate Director- AH 1144EMarc Pastor(619) 594-5852MC 8114
Project ManagerRudy Arias(619) 594-2358MC 8114

Library and Information Access

Dean- LLA 2250Patrick McCarthy (Interim)(619) 594-1643MC 8050
Associate Dean- LLA 2250Patrick McCarthy(619) 594-1643MC 8050
Director of Access and LicensingServices- LLA 2250Sara Baird(619) 594-2530MC 8050
Administrative Operations and Communication-LLA 2250Vacant(619) 594-6014MC 8050
Development- ES 339Michelle LaGrandeur(619) 594-1476MC 8045
Director, Library Information Technologies and Digital Initiatives- LLA 2250Mark Figueroa(619) 594-2945MC 8050
Director of Budget and Fiscal Operations- LLA 2250Sallee Spearman(619) 594-4291MC 8050

Office of Graduate and Research Affairs

Dean of Graduate Affairs- SSE 1410EStephen Welter(619) 594-2978MC 8220
Associate Dean of Graduate Affairs- SSE 1410Ed Balsdon(619) 594-2309MC 8220
Assistant Dean of Graduate Affairs- SSE 1410Andrew Bohonak (619) 594-5213MC 8220
Division of Graduate Affairs- SSE 1410Main Line(619) 594-5213MC 8220
Division Of Research- GATEWAY 3519BRick Gulizia(619) 594-5938MC 1933

Office of the President

President of the University- MH 3340Adela de la Torre(619) 594-5201MC 8000
Chief of Staff- MH 3340Gina Jacobs (619) 594-5201MC 8000
KPBS- 5200 Campanile DriveTom Karlo(619) 594-2490MC 5400
Office of Diversity- MH 3340Fvacant(619) 594-3319MC 8000

Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs- SSW 2640 Christy Samarkos (Interim)(619) 594-4721MC 7430
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs- SSW 2640Andrea Dooley(619) 594-5211MC 7430
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs- SSW 2640Antionette Marbray (619) 594-5211MC 7430
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs- SSW 2640Rashmi Praba (Interim)(619) 594-5211MC 7430
Dean of Students/ Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs- SSW 2640Randall Timm(619) 594-5211MC 7430
Career Services- SSE 1200James Tarbox(619) 594-4379MC 8255
Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities- SSW 1604Lee Mintz(619) 594-3069MC 7443
Communication Services- SSW 2537Catherine Snapp(619) 594-1040MC 7444
Compact for Success and Collaborative Programs- SSE 2209Mary Taylor(619) 594-3685MC 7432
Counseling and Psychological Services- CLP 4401Jennifer Rikard(619) 594-5220MC 4730
Educational Opportunity Program/Ethnic Affairs (EOP)- SSE 2109Miriam C. Castanon(619) 594-2760MC 8222
Financial Aid and Scholarships- SSW 3605Rose Pasenelli (619) 594-1630MC 7436
Health Promotion- CLP 3201Stephanie Waits Galia(619) 594-4133MC 4705
Office of New Student and Parent Programs- SSW 1602vacant(619) 594-1509MC 7441
Office of the Ombudsman- SSE 1105Darrell Hess(619) 594-6578MC 7437
Research and Assessment- SSW 2640Reynaldo Monzon(619) 594-2451MC 7430
Residential Education OfficeKara Bauer(619) 594-0489MC 1802
Resource Management- SSW 3636Rodolfo Badilla(619) 594-0804MC 7430
Student Athlete Academic Support Services- FAC 3029GBobby Smitheran(619) 594-5891MC 4313
Student Ability Success Center (SASC)- CLP 3101Erica Aros (619) 594-5286MC 4740
Student Health Services- CLP 4207Libby Skiles(619) 594-7359MC 4701
Student Life and Leadership- ASU 210Caryl Montero-Adams(619) 594-5221MC 7440
Student Testing, Assessment & Research- SSW 2549Janet Castro(619) 594-1041MC 7449
 Technology Services- SSW 2549AKyle Farace(619) 594-4663MC 7449

University Relations and Development


Vice President

Vice President for University Relations and Development-MH 3350AAdrienne Vargas (619) 594-4562MC 8030
Assisstant Vice President of Special Projects, Development Director for Veterans ProgramsJim Herrick (619) 594-0213MC 8030
Director of URAD Employee DevelopmentRashmi Praba(619) 594-2067MC 8030
Director of Board and Executive Affairs-MH-3350CAnita Nottingham(619) 594-2146MC 8030
Presidential Communications DirectorCatherine Snapp(619) 594-5388MC 8080
Director of Marketing and Communications-MH-4415RTammy Blackburn(619) 594-0156MC 8030
Advancement Services
Director, Database ManagementJim Dorris(619) 594-3465MC 8045
Assistant Vice President, SDSU Alumni- PPGACJim Herrick(619) 594-8236MC 1690
Assistant Vice President for Alumni EngagementDan Montoya(619) 594-8236MC 1690
Director of Development TechnologyTammy Blackburn(619) 594-2586MC 1690
Director of Alumni & Community Engagement- PPGACMalerie McNeill(619) 594-8541MC 1690
Associate Director of Digital Communications and Fundraising- PPGACZackary Albrecht(619) 594-7091MC 1690
Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications- PPGACAdam Armolea(619) 594-3353MC 1690
Assistant Director, Financial Management and Alumni Support- PPGACChristy Andrade(619) 594-3406MC 1690
Assistant Director, Strategic Partnerships- PPGACDion Akers(619) 594-3464MC 1690
Assistant Director, Affinity Groups, Volunteerism & Community RelationsDion Akers(619) 594-3464MC 1690
Assistant Director, Alumni Fund Operations & Regional Development Channelle McNutt(619) 594-3433MC 1690
Assistant Director, PPG Alumni Center- PPGACTravis McCauley(619) 594-6119MC 1690
Assistant Director, Annual Fund, Stewardship & MembershipCheryl Lemox(619) 594-3353MC 1690
Assisstant Director, Data ManagementDaniel Majors(619) 594-3465MC 8045


Associate Athletic Director for Development, Executive Director Aztec Club- FACTyler Mariucci(619) 594-5162MC 4313
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development- FACTim Rice(619) 594-7924MC 4313
Director, Aztec Club- FACEsteban Arriola(619) 594-1870MC 4313
Assistant Director of the Aztec Club- FACCaroline Draper(619) 594-6444MC 1690
Assistant Athletic Director, Aztec Club- FACMorgan McSweeney(619) 594-5256MC 4313
Assistant Athletic Director, Aztec Club- FACDrew St. Aubin(619) 594-5162MC 1690

Donor Relations

Senior Director of Development, Donor Relations- ATKHCathy Terrones(619) 594-2448MC 8030
Associate Director, Donor Relations- Stewardship and Engagement- ATKH-134Cheryl Lemox(619) 594-3490MC 8045

Finance Management

Chief Financial Officer, The Campanile Foundation-  PPGAC- 210EDavid Fuhriman(619) 594-0295MC 1968
Director of Finance-  PPGAC- 210CTakeshi Kobayashi(619) 594-3254MC 1968
Director of Gift & Fund Administration-  PPGAC- 210Delma Garcia(619) 594-2315MC 1968
Director of Gift Administration & Reporting Brian Andrews(619) 594-2746MC 1968
Director of Fund AdministrationMaria Mumford(619) 594-4151MC 1968
Divisional Director of Strategic Initiatives- PPGAC- 210DHillary Levison(619) 594-2746MC 1968
Divisional Director of Human Resources- PPGAC- 210ESarah Vanderburgh(619) 594-5044MC 1968

Major Gifts

Associate Vice President, University Development- ATKH-102Mary Darling(619) 594-8299MC 8045
Assistant Vice President, Principal Gifts and DevelopmentAmy Harmon(619) 594-0133MC 8045
Assistant Vice President, Development & Corporate and Foundation Relationsvacant(619) 594-3490MC 8045
Senior Director of Development, Fowler College of Business- Geo Annex-209Sheona Som(619) 594-0551MC 8045
Senior Director of Development, Zahn Centervacant(619) 594-8267MC 8045
Senior Direcor of Development, College of Professional Fine Studies & Fine ArtsMary Darling(619) 594-8299MC 4512
Senior Director, University Initiatives & Library & Information AccessMichelle LaGrandeur(619) 594-1476MC 8045
Director of Development, Imperial Valley CampusJose Landeros(619) 594-5569MC 0906
Senior Director, EngineeringKim DuFour(619) 594-6416MC 4400
Assistant Director of Development, College of Arts & Letters- AL- 600Maura Molish(619) 594-2974MC 6060
Senior Director of Development, College of Arts & Letters- AL-600Keely Bamberg(619) 594-1562MC 6060
Director, Development & Community Relations, IVCvacant(760) 768-5569MC 0903
Director of Development, College of Professional Studies & Fine Arts- ATKH-109Elise Moersch(619) 594-9640MC 4512
Assistant Director of Development, College of Professional Studies & Fine Arts- PSFX Annex-103DJordan Maharaj(619) 594-0494MC 4512
Associate Director of Development, College of Sciences- GMCS-607Carolyn Wheeler(619) 594-2508MC 1010
Executive Director of Development, College of Sciences and College of Health and Human Services- Geo Annex-103Stacy Carota(619) 594-2324MC 1010
Director of Development, Construction Engineering & Managementvacant(619) 594-2508MC 8045
Senior Director of Development, College of Engineering & Regional DevelopmentKim DuFour(619) 594-6416MC 8405
Senior Director of Development, College of Engineering- ATKH-103Kate Carinder(619) 594-8264MC 8045
Director of Development, College of Businessvacant(619) 594-7912MC 8045
Associate Director of Development, Professional Studies and Fine ArtsNatasha Bliss(619) 594-0494MC 4512
Associate Director of Development Fowler College of Business and ZIP Launchpad- ATKH-133Corey Polant(619) 594-1832MC 8045
Associate Director of Development, Fowler College of Business- ATKH-202Erin Brown(619) 594-7912MC 8045
Director of Development CommunicationKrista Nielsen(619) 594-2675MC 8045
Director of Development for Student Affairs & Campus Diversity- ATKH-107Jennifer Stanley(619) 594-1754MC 8045
Senior Director of Development, University Initiatives- Geo Annex-118Michelle LaGrandeur(619) 594-1476MC 8045
Director of Development, College of Health and Human Services- ATKH-133Natasha Bliss(619) 594-1569MC 8045
Senior Director of Development,Fowler College of Business & College of Health & Human ServicesBreanna Weeks(619) 594-0491MC 8045
Director of Development, Military Program/Engineeringvacant(619) 594-0584MC 8045
Director of Development, College of Education- Geo Annex-105Megan Beardsley(619) 594-2277MC 8045
Associate Director of Development, Housing- ATKH-104Rajah Gainey(619) 594-8202MC 8045

Strategic Communications and Public Affairs

Associate Vice President/Chief Communications OfficerLa Monica Everett-Haynes (Interim)(619) 594-0232MC 8080
Director of Marketing and Digital MediaMegan Newton(619) 594-1119MC 8080
Editor, 360 MagazineLisa Haney(619) 594-1477MC 8080
Director of Media RelationsLa Monica Everett-Haynes(619) 594-0232MC 8080

Planned Giving

Associate Vice President, Operations- ATKH-126Amy Walling(619) 594-0286MC 8045
Assistant Vice President for Planned Giving and EstatesAmy Walling(619) 594-0286MC 8030
Director of Planned Giving Allison Ohanian(619) 594-0771MC 8030
Director, Data Analytics- ATKH-111Kevin Decker(619) 594-0117MC 8045
Assistant Director of Data Management, Systems Support- ATKH-113Dan Majors(619) 594-3465MC 8045
Director of Data Management- ATKH-122Jeff Luko(619) 594-4556MC 8045

Prospect Research

Director, Prospect Research and Management- ATKH-213Cristi Hendry(619) 594-1479MC 8045
Assistant Director, Prospect Research and Management- ATKH-204Sara Benignus(619) 594-2536MC 8045

Special Events

Assistant Vice President of Campaign, Presidential & Special Events- 4415FChris Lindmark(619) 594-2308MC 8030
Director of Campaign and Special Events- MH- 4415GElena Mulvaney(619) 594-2186MC 8030
Director of Campaign and Special Events- MH-4415EJennifer Majors(619) 594-7320MC 8030
Director of Presidential and University Events- MH-4415HMelissa Henss(619) 594-5744MC 8030

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