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SDSU Emergency Alert System

SDSU has established a notification system that is capable of sending text (also known as SMS) and e-mail messages in the event of a campus-wide emergency or health and safety concern. It is not intended to supplant any personal emergency contact information you may have provided to Human Resources.

STUDENTS: Register through the Web Portal (

FACULTY & STAFF (including employees of SDSU auxiliary organizations):  Please complete the information below. Your contact information will be added to the SDSU Emergency Notification System within 30 minutes of Creating and Activating your record.

RELATIVES, PUBLIC / COMMUNITY MEMBERS:  Please complete the information below.

[must be capable of receiving text messages]

How to Confirm or Remove your Account from our Notification System:
  1. Complete the form above and enter the same phone number AND same E-Mail address you used to first create your account.
  2. Click the "Submit Emergency Information" button
  3. The system will verify your account status and send you an e-mail confirmation with links to Remove (stop notifications) or Manage your account

CAUTION:  Please keep in mind SDSU Alert is one of the many forms of communication which may be utilized in an emergency. A text message charge from your cell phone provider may be incurred.  While we believe this system is effective and efficient, you should not wait for, or rely exclusively on, a mass notification system to contact you for appropriate action in response to an emergency.  Be aware of your surroundings, and take appropriate action.

This information will only be used by SDSU for the purposes of emergency notification and periodic testing of the system

If you have any questions please email